After 25 years, the creator of the Toronto Gardener’s Journal & Source Book, Margaret Bennet-Alder, decided to transfer her labour of love to a new team of gardeners. She chose sisters Helen Battersby and Sarah Battersby of Toronto Gardens. 

Since 2017, the Battersby Girls have annually updated the garden diary, renaming it to better reflect its contents.

They began their fifth year as co-publishers when the 2022 Toronto & Golden Horseshoe Gardener’s Journal marked its 30th edition. Sold through their website and at botanical garden shops, independent bookstores, and Sheridan garden centres, the 2022 journal quickly sold out! But the 2023 Edition returns in Fall 2022.

About the Gardener’s Journal

With loyal customers across Canada (and even the U.S.), the Toronto & Golden Horseshoe Gardener’s Journal is designed to give down-to-earth weekly tips on what to do when, indoors and out, and more. Inside, planning tools help gardeners like you organize the things you need – to grow the things you want:

  • Be ready for spring/fall frost dates in your zone
  • Know when to start seeds and transplant outside
  • Remember what you bought, sowed or planted – and when
  • Record your garden successes, surprises, and even your flops
  • Draw plans for your raised beds or garden
  • Find plant and seed sources in a comprehensive directory

Whether you grow veggies, natives, or exotic flowers, the Toronto & Golden Horseshoe Gardener’s Journal makes your gardening life easier.